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shanta-jan-15-2017My name is Shanta Kalyanasundaram and I was born in South Africa in 1942, into a family actively involved in the anti-apartheid movement. I had my early education in the UK and when I could not return to my own country, India gave me the support and strength I needed. I lived in India for twenty three years where I married, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Masters Degree in Linguistics. Unable to return to South Africa until 1990, I moved to Swaziland in 1982 and lived there with my family for eight years. I have always been passionate about working with children, and have done so as a teacher in South India, Swaziland, South Africa and here in the United States.

Community service has been a part of my life for the past thirty four years. From the late 50s well into the early 80s I lived in Chennai, South India. In the late 70s, I worked there with scheduled caste and tribe students.  In the 80s, Waterford Kamhlaba, United World College in Swaziland opened up a whole new world of community service for me through the IB CAS program. In the mid 90s, in South Africa, I had the opportunity to teach newly released adult political prisoners to study and pass the Matriculation exam in order to get jobs. However, in 2005, I fully understood the scope and meaning of service when the Atlanta International School community supported an orphanage in South India through my CAS group. I knew that more needed to be done, not just for the orphanage, but also for children who face hardship, illness and poverty as a way of life. A year later SABHA was established to continue to support underprivileged children, children with Hemophilia, and a rural school where girls are readily admitted.

Poverty is an injustice and a violation of the human spirit. When children experience the trauma of dire poverty, it is a form of abuse from which they are unable to recover without help. It is with your support that SABHA is able to help them.

My name is Saurav Bhandary. saurav-journey-blog-picThe IB CAS program at AIS taught me the concept of service. I remember my senior year at Atlanta International School; I was a part of the Bethania CAS group at that time, and we helped raise donations for the Japan tsunami victims. I am very fortunate now to be Director of Communications for SABHA, an organization that supported Bethania. I firmly believe that the gift of education is the single best investment one can make to fight global poverty. That’s what SABHA believes too, and its mission statement speaks for itself- to provide a strong support base to help alleviate poverty and hardship for orphaned, ailing and needy children. I hope my journey will continue to help me make a difference in the world. Join us on changing children’s lives- one story at a time. Together We Serve!

sindhu-for-blog-bioMy name is Sindhu. I’m a journalist, food enthusiast, writer of children’s books and a SABHA volunteer. My husband Leo and I have sponsored a hemophiliac child since 2014.  Within the pages of this blog, you’ll find fun, tasty recipes for fusion cuisine that are easy to prepare. My love affair with food spans more than forty years. Ever see veggies called Okra, Chayote Squash, Eggplant, Fava beans and wonder how on earth does one cook them? Just steam ‘em and drop a truck load of butter on them? As it happens, there are at least several hundred ways to cook these exotic veggies, and enjoy every morsel. Best of all, you will find these veggies at your local grocery store, farmer’s market , Asian grocery store, and even Walmart.

DISCLAIMER. I curry just about anything. Curry is like my default setting. For those of you who love the taste of curry, but are too chicken to cook it yourself, this blog will simplify the process and make it fun. That’s my plan.

This site will also double as a travelogue though the scope of it will be confined to southern India. For other blogs on parenting and midlife crises, visit

usha-for-blogUsha Parthasarathy, retired as Vice President of Development -Hemophilia Federation of India in 2007. She is currently Program Coordinator for Save One Life in India, Usha’s knowledge of Hemophilia is vast and she has traveled all over the world giving lectures addressing the needs of mothers and children who face the ordeal of living with hemophilia. Her husband K. Parthasarathy is Vice President of the Madras Chapter of the Hemophilia Society. He is a volunteer at the Chapter and dedicates his time to ensure that persons with hemophilia live free of disability and pain.

Papi for Blog BioA native of Chennai, India, Krishnan Kalyanasundaram serves on SABHA’s board and is the Controller. He works in senior healthcare in Atlanta as the Vice President of Operations for a private management company.

Krishnan received both his bachelor’s and graduate degree from the University of Madras, India.


IMG_20180928_074729_1538135263817My name is Jack Ficco, I’m a sixteen-year old from Atlanta. I attend North Springs Charter High under the Visual Art magnet program. I really enjoy art and character concept and plan to receive a bachelor’s degree in illustration.




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