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Why a Blog?

SABHA believes in aiding children who face tremendous challenges.  In ten years we have done much only because you believe as we do that these children can be given better healthier lives.

We hope to inspire those who read our blogs to perhaps take up a good cause and dedicate themselves to it.

Our committed supporters have shown that what we are doing is worth doing. Hence we are hoping to share information about “Hemophilia and Education” in rural India so that through our challenges and successes we reach higher to affirm our foundation, that every child is a special gift to nurture and love and that we are compassionate and dedicated in  order to serve together..

Knowing that you have saved the life of a child, or created possibilities for a girl to go to school is inspiring.

We hope that our blogs will allow you to ask questions as you read the Travelogue about South India and try the recipes that have been posted.

We want to document SABHA’s journey and for you to travel with us.

SABHA, Inc. Group Information:
Shanta Kalyanasundaram – President
Kristine Vanijcharoenkarn – Director
Urmilla Sethuraman – Director and Graphic Designer
Krishnan Kalyanasundaram –Director
Serge Petitpre – Director
Regine Haardörfer – Webmaster
Saurav Bhandary – Director Communications

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