by Shanta Kalyanasundaram

When Keerthana Kesavan joined Lakshmi Narayana Primary and Nursery School in June 2000 as a 1st Grader, she never dreamed that she would one day return as a faculty member.  She is one of Lakshmi Narayana School’s first students. Her educational journey started at LNS (Lakshmi Narayana School) where she, together with a small group of students learned that perseverance and committed study was the way to gain knowledge.

LNS Alumni. 2jpg      Principal – Mr. Vijayasarathy, Keerthana, Founder-Mrs. Chandra Vijayasarathy

Keerthana says that LNS, a Pre K to Grade 5 School, shapes the nature and character of each child to get them ready to face the real world, whether in college or the work place. Students who complete 5th Grade are remarkably well prepared to leave the environment of Pattiveeranpatti the small, but thriving village.LNS was the foundation of everything she was to become.

It is obvious that her strong work ethic coupled with the dreams of a girl achieving success in life set the course for her.After leaving LNS, and completing her Higher Secondary education, she went on to Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

Keerthana, LNS Alumni, Teachers, Principal, Mr Vijayasarathy, Founder, Mrs. Chandra VijayasarathyIMG_20170827_125545

I was delightfully surprised when I first saw Keerthana in a video was shot at the 2017 Teachers Day Celebration. She mentioned all of her teachers by name and gave all credit for her achievements to Mrs, Chandra Vijayasarathy, her mentor and the Founder of and her teachers. She mentioned her interest and prowess in basketball, her ‘total lack of stage fear’ and her ability to handle complicated work related project presentations. She also recalled how fearless she was during job interviews and had her pick of several job offers.

 When I met Keerthana at LNS this November, I learned that she had studied at the prestigious Vidya Sikshaa Matriculation School. If LNS was the foundation, Vidya Sikshaa was the platform from which she launched herself into a new journey among computers, hard drives and software programs at Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology, in the city of Coimbatore. The highlight and biggest hurdle after four years of intense study was “The Placement” exam. Passing this examination offered a springboard to top pickings amongst jobs. After a year’s stint with Sutherland Global Services Keerthana was appointed position of in Chennai as Senior Support Network Engineer with a global IT Services and Technology Support company that connects the power of AI, automation, analytics, cloud and digital to address customer needs.  She was now independent and earning a good salary.

However, destiny sometimes sticks its foot out and trips one up.

When Keerthana took ill while working in Chennai, she had to return to her home in Pattiveeranpatti to recover and find a job. So, one day in early 2017, she walked through the familiar gates of her first Alma Mater, a mature and confident young woman. Mrs. Chandra did not hesitate to offer her a teaching position. Keerthana attributes all her success to her beloved ‘Chandra mam’ and her teachers, all of whom are still at LNS.

It dawned on her that this where she was meant to be. She was going to give back to the community that gave her so much.

To many, Keerthana’s journey may not seem so extraordinary. However for a village girl to step out of her familiar comfort zone and take the first step towards a career and independence is huge. Greater than that, she decided to come back to her Alma Mater and become a member of its faculty!

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